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Digital Services Act Disclosure

Last Revised: 17 August 2023

For the purposes of the EU Digital Services Act ("DSA"), we have calculated the number of average monthly active recipients in Europe of respectively:

  • Our domain platform, which supports the search and display of available domains through different websites including this website. This number, calculated as an average over the six-month period ending on July 31, 2023, is 4,128,369. The figure therefore comprises an aggregate of active recipients across our relevant websites, including under affiliated brands, that operate on that underlying domain platform, which could qualify as an online platform under the DSA. Additionally, the currently available data may include active recipients from European countries other than just the EU;

The calculations of the number of average monthly active recipients may be impacted by uncertainty related to the exact methodology to be applied, as well as some technical and legal constraints.

The figures will be monitored and updated in accordance with the requirements under the DSA.